August 17, 2011

Block List

The Block List tool allows you to block comments from being published to your posts based on the visitor's location (IP Address) or content included in the comment.

Please note if you have Disqus commenting enabled, you will need to add items to the Blacklist and Restricted Words list from your Disqus Dashboard to block comments. Learn more.

To block a comment, go to the Comments area for your blog and click to view the Block List. You can add keywords and IP addresses to the block list by entering the information into the "Word or IP Address" text area. You can also enter a note with the item. Press the Block button to add the information to your comment block list.

Readers attempting to comment with information on your block list will be able to submit the comment but the comment will not be published. You can view the content of the comment by selecting to view Spam Comments.

Blocking Keywords

You may wish to block words that are often found in comment spam or offensive words you do not want published to your blog. It is important to note that certain words that are often used in spam comments might also be used legitimately. For example, you may wish to block a word like "poker" to avoid spam of that nature. However, you should also consider whether a legitimate reader might want to discuss poker in a comment.

In addition to specific words, you can also block email addresses and URLs. For an email address, be sure to enter the full email address as For a URL, enter the most complete URL possible such as Comments that contain the keyword, URL, or email address will be blocked from posting comments to your blog.

Blocking IP Addresses

An IP address is the unique identifying number of your visitor's computer. Some visitors have a different IP address each time they connect to the Internet. Therefore, it may sometimes be difficult or impossible to completely ban a visitor based on one IP address.

You can block a range of IPs by entering a partial IP to the block list. For example, if you are receiving spam comments from similar IPs, like,,, you can add 12.215. to the block list and all IPs within that range will be blocked.

If you have email notification for comments enabled, the commenter's IP address will be in the message you received. Before you delete the comment, note the IP address of the commenter if you would like to add them to your block list and then proceed with deleting the comment from your blog.

Removing Items From Your Block List

To remove an item from your comment block list, check the box next to the item on the block list, and then press the Unblock button.


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