May 28, 2015

Shorten Post Permalinks with Bitly

Bitly is a free service you can use to shorten the length of permalinks when sharing posts around the web. The shorter links will automatically be used when sharing to Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Bitly to track traffic to every post on your blog.

Connect to Bitly

From the Blogs menu, select a blog, click the Settings tab, and click Add-Ons. Then, click the Bitly logo to sign in to your Bitly account.

Connect to Bitly

You'll be prompted to sign in to Bitly, if you are not already, and then asked to allow Typepad to access your account. Once Bitly is added, you will be taken back to your Typepad account.

Please note Typepad is asking permission to generate Bitlinks and access your account to display the shortened URLs and statistics within your Typepad account. You can revoke access at any time. You must allow access in order to take advantage of the Bitly integration with your Typepad account.

If you don't already have a Bitly account, sign up for free!

Viewing Bitly Clicks

From the Blog Overview, click the link in the Recent Social Media Traffic list.


Posts recently published will be listed with the information:

  • Clicks: Number of times the unique Bitly link has been clicked.
  • Post Info: Post title and date published.
  • Info: View the analytics for the shortened link and get the unique Bitly URL.

To view more statistics for each Bitlink, sign in to Bitly.

Share This Post

When sharing is set up to Facebook, Twitter, or a Facebook Page, the Bitlink will be used for your post allowing you to track clicks through social media sharing.

Sharing can be set up by adding Facebook, Twitter, or a Facebook Page at Account > Other Accounts. Then, go to Blogs > Settings > Sharing to add a Facebook Page &/or set up automatic sharing for each new post. Learn more.

Updated 14 June 2018

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