August 12, 2011

Backing Up Your Content

It is a good idea to periodically back up your account content, including blog posts, images and files. Typepad automatically backs up your content on the server, but you may wish to keep your own copies should anything unexpected happen.

Backing Up Your Blog

Typepad features an Export tool that allows you to download your blog posts as a plain-text file. This is the most important aspect of backing up your blog. You can find more information on this in Blog Settings: Import/Export.

Exporting your blog posts does not back up any of the templates associated with your account or files inserted into your posts. There isn't a way to back up Basic templates currently, but users with Advanced Templates may want to copy and paste their existing templates into new text files.

Files that have been uploaded in blog posts are available via the at Library > File Manager. Click through your blog's folder and look for the "files" folder. From there, you can right click and "Save target as" on each file's link to download the file to your computer.

Lastly, you may want to save copies of the published blog pages themselves as an additional backup. Go to each of the archive pages in your browser and go to File > Save As > Web Page Complete to save copies to your computer. This can include any files in your posts depending on your settings when saving your pages.

You may want to try using a third-party extension or tool that can automate this task for you. Here are a few links that can be helpful:

Backing Up Your Photo Albums

Currently there is not a way to backup your Photo Albums automatically from your Typepad account. To work around this, view each page in your browser and from the browser menu go to File > Save As > Web Page Complete to save copies of each page to your computer. The best option right now is to keep copies on your computer of photos you upload so that you can upload them again if need be.

Restoring Your Content

To restore your posts, you can Import your previously created Export file back into Typepad. You can find more about this in Blog Settings: Import/Export. This option will only import the text of your posts, however. You can refer to your previously saved pages to recreate your templates.

Finally, for your Photo Albums, you can upload your images again. A speedier solution may be to upload your photos in a zip file or using other uploading tools.


While Blurb is not a backup utility, it does allow you to publish a book that contains your blog's content.


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