June 02, 2011

Blog Settings: Authors

You can invite an unlimited number of friends, family, or colleagues to post as authors on your blog. If they are not already a member of Typepad, they'll have the opportunity to sign up for a free guest account. These additional authors have blog posting rights and can be either a Junior Author, Guest Author, or Blog Administrator.

Inviting additional authors is available to subscribers with the Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans. Your Typepad plan can be changed anytime at Account > Billing Info > Upgrade Or Downgrade. Learn more.

Author and Administrator Permissions

Junior Author

  • Can post drafts that the site owner needs to review and publish.
  • Can edit their own posts.
  • Can post drafts of new Pages in the blog.
  • Are not allowed to upload images and files.

Guest Author

  • Can post drafts for review OR posts that will be published to the blog without the blog admin's review.
  • Can post drafts of new Pages for review OR new Pages that will be published to the blog without the site admin's review.
  • Can only edit their own posts.
  • Can moderate comments associated with entries that they have created.
  • Have permission to upload photos and files to the blog via the Post page.

Blog Administrators (aka Co-Owners)

Blog Administrators can be invited to help manage blogs with the Enterprise and Business Class plans.

  • Have all the privileges of a Guest Author.
  • Can make configuration and design changes to the blog.
  • Can moderate incoming comments on all posts and pages.
  • Cannot create new template sets.
  • Cannot create or make changes to existing Photo Albums and TypeLists.

For more details on Blog Administrators, see the Adding Blog Administrators article.

Inviting Authors

To invite authors to post on your blog, go to blog Settings and click the Authors tab to open the blog Authors setup page.

In the Invite Additional Authors area, enter the name and email address for the author(s) you would like to invite. You can also edit the message included in the email to the invited authors. Click Send Invitation(s) button at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

Your guest(s) will receive an email invitation to join your blog. The status of their invitation is shown under Open Invitations. You can also cancel the invite from here.

Additional authors can only be added by inviting them, so that they can confirm whether they wish to accept. They cannot be added directly by the blog owner.

Managing Authors

The invited Authors are listed after the invitations have been sent. Authors which have yet to accept or decline the invite will be listed under Open Invitations with a Pending status. The Access Level of an author can be changed anytime without impacting current posts submitted by the author. To remove an author from the blog, click the Remove icon next to the author name.

Please note the author's email address and display name are set from within the author's Guest account. If the author changes their email address or display name, the information will update in the Owner or Admin account.

Accepting an Author Invitation

Please see Accepting a Guest Author Invitation for more information.

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