June 02, 2011

Guest Author FAQ

Unlimited, Premium, Enterprise, and Business Class plans allow you to invite additional Authors to post to your blogs. An unlimited number of Authors can be invited to each blog within the account. Owners and Blog Administrators can send invitations to Authors. More information is available in the Author Settings article.

Author Posts

Author Account

How do I become an Author on a blog?

First, the blog Owner will send you an invite you to the blog. Only the Owner of the blog can invite new authors and change the author status.

You will receive an invite via email containing a unique link. Then, you can click the link in the email to Accept the invitation and sign in to an existing Typepad account or create a new, free account. Learn more.

What permissions do I have as an Author?

Junior Authors
Junior Authors can create new posts and pages for the blog and save them as a Draft. The Publish option is not available on the Compose page, and an Admin for the blog will need to publish the post.
Comments submitted to posts and pages the Junior Author created can be edited by the Author.
Junior Authors do not have permission to upload images or files to posts or pages.
Guest Authors
Guest Authors can create and publish new posts and pages to the blog as well as schedule posts to be published at a later time.
Guest Authors can upload images and files to posts and pages using the Insert buttons in the Rich Text editor.
Guest Authors can manage comments submitted to their posts and pages.
Blog Administrators
Blog Administrators are also known as Admins and Co-Owners.
The ability to invite additional administrators to your blog is available with Business Class and Enterprise plans.
Blog Administrators have the ability to invite other Blog Admins.
Blog Admins have the ability to create new posts and pages, edit all posts and pages, and manage all comments.
Blog Admins can edit the existing design, set blog archive options, edit categories, set feedback preferences, and set front page preferences.
Blog Admins can invite, and manage, authors and other admins. If you do not see this option please open a help ticket and contact us.
Blog admins can create new, and edit existing, blog designs. If you do not see this option please open a help ticket and contact us.
Blog Admins do not have the ability to create or edit TypeLists and Photo Albums.

Author Posts

Why can't I schedule a post to publish at a future date and time?

Junior Authors do not have the option to schedule posts.

How do change the Author Name?

In Account > Summary, you can change the Display Name for your account. If the Display Name field is blank, the First and Last Name in your Author Profile will be used as the Author Name.

All Authors and Admins on the blog need to have unique Display Names in order to enable the Author Archives. Learn more.

Why can't I view/edit all the posts, pages, and comments for the blog?

Guest and Junior Authors are only able to edit posts they create. Also, Guest and Junior Authors are only able to manage the comments on the posts they author.

Can I post via email or using a mobile device?

Posts can be sent to the Post by Email address for each blog that you guest author. To find your unique secret email address, go to the blog's Dashboard, and click the Get your secret email address link in the right column.

How do I view a password protected blog?

The username and password to view a blog is different from the sign in information you use to access your Typepad account. You will need to contact the Owner of the blog to request the username and password to view the blog.

Can the author of a post be changed?

Yes, the author of a post can be changed after the post has been created. From the Compose page for the post, select a different author from the Author drop-down menu, and Save or Publish the post. Learn more.

Author Account

Do I have to pay to be a Guest or Junior Author?

No. Junior Authors, Guest Authors, and Blog Admins are included in the subscription fee for the blog Owner's account. You do not have to pay for a Typepad subscription in order to post as an Author on other Typepad blogs.

Why is my free, author account suspended?

An account is suspended at the end of the trial period if the Pro (paid) account is not canceled. If you activated the free trial for a TypePad Pro account, and do not wish to continue with a Pro account, you can cancel the paid portion of the account to return your account to guest status.

Go to Account > Billing Info > Cancel Pro Plan. Complete the steps to cancel the account. You will only be canceling the Pro plan and your guest author or free, micro account will still be accessible. After completing the cancellation, you will be able to sign in again and post as an Author.

Can I be an Author on more than one blog?

From your guest account, you can manage all the Typepad blogs you have been invited to. When you accept a new invitation, sign in to your existing Typepad account to add another blog. You can easily manage all the blogs from one account.

Can I create a personal blog from my Author account? How will I pay for the blog?

All Typepad guest authors have the option to upgrade your account to the Pro plan to take advantage of the advanced design features and create multiple personal blogs. See the pricing chart for features available with each plan.

The blogs already in your account will not be affected by the change to your account's status. You will remain an Author or Blog Admin, but you will now be the Owner of your own blog.

When you create your own blog, you will be the Owner of the blog and have permission to edit all areas of the blog, including the design. These features are associated only with your own account, not with any blog on which you're an Author or Admin.

If you choose to upgrade to Typepad Pro, you will only be charged for your account, not the blogs where you are only an Author.

How do I remove myself as an Author?

From the Dashboard, click the down arrow button to open the blog's menu. Then, you can click Leave this blog? and a pop-up window will open where you will be asked to confirm the change. This change can not be undone.

Updated 21 December 2015

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