August 04, 2011

Including Advertisements on your Blog

Typepad does not place advertisements on your blog with a paid, pro level account. However, you can include your own advertisements to generate income from your blog and retain all income generated from the ads.

Can I include advertisements on my Typepad blog?

Typepad Pro plans - Plus, Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class - allow you to place advertisements on your blogs.

Ads can not be included on free Typepad Micro blogs.

Do I receive all profits from my ads?

Yes. You manage your own advertisements placed on your blog. You can utilize third-party ad services or sell your own advertising for your blog.

What are some available ad services?

There are many third-party advertising services which can be found by doing an online search. A few popular ad services are:

  • Google AdSense
  • BlogAds
  • Passionfruit ads
  • How do I place ads on my blog?

    Most ad services will provide you with code to be added to your blog to generate ads. For custom ads, you can include text links or linked images in your sidebar.

    Sidebar placement is recommended for vertical and square advertisements. A vertical ad with a maximum width of 170px will fit most blogs.

    • With most blog designs, you can use the Embed Your Own HTML module at Design > Content.
    • A Notes TypeLists can used to place ads on blogs using mixed media layouts. TypeLists are also beneficial if you want to place the same ad module on multiple blogs.
    • For the Chroma theme, the ad code can be added at Design > Custom Sidebar.

    Horizontal ads can be placed below the banner via the Navigation Bar or at the end of the page via the Blog Footer. At Design > Content, click the pencil icon next to the module you wish to edit. Select the Advanced option, enter the ad code, click OK, and save changes.

    • To place horizontal ads below the banner, enter the code in the Navigation Bar module.
    • Using the Blog Footer ads can be placed at the end of all blog pages.
    • With Custom CSS in conjunction with the Blog Footer, ads can also be placed above the banner as described in the tips article.

    Can I place ads between posts?

    If you are using Advanced Templates for your blog's design, ads can be placed between posts by following the steps in the Knowledge Base article.

    Can ads only be displayed on certain pages?

    In case you only want to display ads on a specific page, like the front page, you can use the below code:

    <div id="displayAdDiv" style="display:none;">
    /* Paste in Advertising Code Here */
    <script language="javascript">
    var AdDiv = document.getElementById("displayAdDiv");
            if ( window.location == "" )
            } else {

    Replace with the URL of the page where you want the content to display. Then ad the code to your blog's sidebar using the Embed Your Own HTML module at Design > Content. This trick works for all Pro plans.


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