August 11, 2011

Adding the Favorite Button in an Advanced Template

The Favorites feature provides a fun and easy way for your readers to engage with posts without having to leave a comment.

While all readers can see the Favorites feature, only registered and authenticated Typepad members can Favorite content. Because registration is required to use the feature, you will be able to see the profiles of the readers that are favoriting content on your blog. Additionally, Favorite events will show up in the follower activity streams for those readers, thus driving more visibility and traffic back to your blog through their network.

Note: Blocked users will not be able to favorite your post or page.

To add the Favorite button to your Advanced Template design, you only need one template tag:


Simply add that tag in the Individual Archives template and within the MTEntries container tag in the Main Index and Archive templates. The button can be placed wherever you wish but it's generally added in the post footer area.

Advanced Template Set designs are available with the Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans. If you are not using an Advanced Template Set for your blog's design, you can add the Favorite button at Design > Content > Post Footer.

Below is an example of a blog post with the Favorite button in the footer:


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