August 09, 2011

Advanced Templates: Sidebar Modules

Advanced Template Set designs are available with the Unlimited, Premium, and Business Class plans. If you are not using an Advanced Template Set for your blog's design, you can add sidebar modules to your blog at Design > Content.

When you create a new Advanced Template Set, the set includes several default template modules which you can view the tags for here. There are several more modules you can include in your templates:

Copy the template tags for the module you want to add into the preferred location within your templates to include them on your blog. Other template tags for modules are available in separate articles:

Your Photo

The photo from your author profile, which is uploaded by editing your Typepad Profile:

Recent Posts Listing

Displays links to your 10 most recent posts:

Daily Archives

A list of your daily archives:

Weekly Archives

A list of your weekly archives:


A list of the Pages associated with the blog:

About Page Link

Displays a link to your About Page. Your About Page is set up by Customizing Your About Page:

"Email Me" Link

Displays a link to your email address. Set your email address by at Account > Summary.

Your address will be automatically encoded for protection against most spam harvesters. However, if you are concerned about privacy, keep in mind that the most surefire way to protect against spam harvesters is to never display your email address at all.

Podcast Link

Displays a link to your podcast feed:


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