March 17, 2014

Adding Blog Administrators

Additional Administrators can be invited to help the Owner of the blog manage posts and make changes to the blog design and settings.

Enterprise plans for $49.95/month or $499.50/year include the ability to invite one additional administrator per blog.

Business Class plans for $89.95/month for each blog include the ability to invite an unlimited number of administrators to each blog.

Your Typepad plan can be changed anytime at Account > Billing Info > Upgrade Or Downgrade. Learn more.

Inviting Administrators

1. Open the Blogs menu and select a blog.

2. Click to Settings > Authors.

3. Enter a Name and Email Address (required) for the Administrator.

For Business Class plans, select Blog Administrator from the drop-down menu.

Invite Blog Administrator

For Enterprise plans, select Guest Author from the drop-down menu. You will be able to set the author as a Blog Administrator after the author accepts the invitation. See change access level.

4. Make any changes to the message to be sent with the invite (optional).

5. Click Send Invitations.

The invited Admin will receive an email with a unique link which can be clicked to register for a free Typepad account. Learn more.

Change Author Access Level

For Enterprise plans, the author access level will need to be changed to Blog Administrator after the author accepts the invitation.

1. Open the Blogs menu and select a blog.

2. Click to Settings > Authors.

3. Open the Access Level drop-down menu and select the new level.

Change Access Level

4. Click Save Changes.

Remove Admin

The Access Level for a Blog Administrator can be changed or the Admin removed at anytime. At Settings > Authors, click next to the Admin you wish to remove and confirm the change in the pop-up window. The Admin will no longer have access to manage the blog. Any posts or pages created by the Admin will still be published to the blog after the Admin is removed, but the Admin will no longer be able to make edits.

Blog Administrator Permissions

  • Create new posts and pages, edit all posts and pages, and manage all comments.
  • Edit the existing design, set blog archive options, edit categories, set feedback preferences, and set front page preferences.
  • Invite, and manage, authors and other admins. If you do not see this option please open a help ticket and contact us.
  • Blog admins can create new, and edit existing, blog designs.

Blog Administrators do not have permission to:

  • Create or edit TypeLists and Photo Albums.
  • Access the billing information for the blog Owner.
  • Upload files directly to the File Manager. Admins can upload files to Posts and Pages using the Insert Image, Insert Audio, Insert File, and Insert Video options.

Other Details of Note:

  • Blog Administrators are also known as Co-Owners or the abbreviated, Admins.
  • Admins only have access to manage the blog to which they are invited. The Owner of the blog gives administrative permission on a per blog basis. If the Owner has other blogs in the account, the invited Admins will not have access to the other blogs or the Owner account information.

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