August 17, 2011

TypeLists: Adding an Item

After a new TypeList is created, you will be prompted to add a new item to the list. To add an item to an existing list, select TypeLists from the Library menu. Then, click the Add an item button.

Links TypeLists

With a Links TypeList, you can use the Quick Add option. Enter a URL in the Quick Add field and click Go.

Quick Add

If the website is found via the URL, the Title and URL fields of the new item will be completed, and you can click Save to add the new item.

Additionally, you can manually add content to the Links TypeList item by completing the Title, URL, &/or Notes fields. The Notes field will not display on the blog unless the Settings are set to show Notes as text.

Add Link

The URL must include the https:// in order for the link to valid.

Books and Album TypeLists

Like a Links TypeList, the Books and Albums TypeLists have a Quick Add option. The Quick Add option allows you to search for the item on Amazon and select a thumbnail image to display with the item information. The Quick Add search must be used if you want to connect the list item to Amazon and display a thumbnail image along side your item.

First, enter the title, author, or ISBN of the book in the Quick Add field and click Go.

What is an ISBN? An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10 or 13 digit number used to identify book titles, formats, and editions. Every book listed on Amazon is required to have an ISBN.

A list of search results will be displayed, and you can select the thumbnail image to display in the TypeList. Click Choose Selected. Then, you will be able to edit the Title, Author, and/or Notes field.

Search Results

Finally, click the Save Changes button to save the book to your list.

See the article on using Amazon with Typepad for information on how to embed your Amazon Associates number in the Books and Album TypeList item links.

Notes TypeLists

With a Notes TypeList item, you can complete the Label and/or Note field and click Save to add the new item. The content of the Note field will display on your blog. You can include text, HTML, or other widget script in the Note field.

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