August 17, 2011

TypeLists: Create A New List

The Add a TypeList feature allows you to create a new TypeList in your account and is available to all Pro plans. The TypeList can be displayed on any of your blogs, or on your About Me Page.

To add a TypeList, go to Library > TypeLists in your account then click the Add a TypeList link in the TypeLists header.

This will take you to the Add a TypeList page. Here you can select the type of TypeList you want to create and give your TypeList a name. If you are not sure which type of TypeList to choose, please see the article detailing the types of TypeLists.

Add A TypeList

After you have chosen the type and name of your TypeList, click the Create New TypeList button to create the TypeList. Or click Cancel if you have decided not to create the TypeList.

Once your TypeList has been created, you will be taken to the Add Item page where you can create the first item for your TypeList.

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