August 12, 2011

Add a Microblog to Your Main Blog

Not every blog post has to be a long essay. Sometimes you simply want to add micro-posts of things: links, photos, videos. That's where microblogs come in. A microblog can be a stream of what's percolating in your brain while you're cooking up that next great post for your main blog.

Here's how to create a microblog and connect it to your main Typepad blog.

Add a New Blog

  1. From the Dashboard, click Blogs then Add a blog. The Add a blog page displays.
  2. Give your new microblog a name (you can change this at any time).
  3. Specify a folder for your blog (you can always domain map it to your own domain later).
  4. Be sure Visibilty is checked soi the search engines find your posts.
  5. Click Create Blog. The Overview for your brand new microblog displays.

Customize Your Design

We've got a couple designs that are perfect for microblogs. There's Pico:


And Chroma:

Chroma has a few fancy things we want to show off so we'll use Chroma in this tutorial.

  1. Go to Design. The design overview displays.
  2. Click Choose a theme. A gallery of themes displays.
  3. Select the Chroma theme. Then click Choose on the right side. You now see a page to add a custom banner.

Here's where things get really cool!

Typepad takes any image you upload and generates the best theme colors to compliment your banner. Best image sizes are 300px by 225px (Chroma will tile the banner if it is smaller than that).

  1. Click Browse and locate the image you want to use on your hard drive. Your image is uploaded and Typepad generates a few color palettes for you to choose from.
  2. Select a palette.
  3. Check the checkbox to Apply this design.
  4. Click Save Changes. Your banner and chosen color palette are now active.
  5. Click View Blog to see your brand new super-awesome microblog!

If you want to try a different palette, just re-upload the image and Typepad re-generates the colors. If you don't like any of the palettes from that image, try a different image.

Post Instantly From Anywhere

One of the keys to a great microblog is that when you find something awesome online you can share it instantly. Typepad's got several tools to help you post anything from anywhere instantly.

Post via email or text message

You can email text, videos and photos right to your blog. Here's how to set up post-by-email.

1-Click Posting with Blog It

Use Blog It to post anything from any website without going into Typepad. BlogIt lets you quickly share videos, photos and text from any site with one quick click. Learn more with a video tour of Blog It.

You can also post stuff directly from the Quick Compose box on your Dashboard.

Connect Your Blogs

So you've got a rockin' microblog. How do you connect it to your main blog? There's a few ways:

Link your microblog to your Typepad profile

  1. From within Typepad, click on your name in the upper-right.
  2. Click Edit Your Profile.
  3. Under Your Blogs, be sure you have your new microblog checked so it shows up in the blog list on your profile.

Share your microblog updates on your Typepad profile and to your Followers

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Micro Blog) > Settings > Sharing. The sharing settings page displays.
  2. Under Share this blog on your Typepad profile, be sure you have it checked Yes.

This will ensure that your microblog posts are shared to your Typepad profile and your followers will see your updates on their own Dashboards.

Link to your microblog from your main blog's navbar

Account Levels: This feature is available to all Pro plans.

You can link to anything from your blog's navigation bar. Pop a link to your microblog and you've got it featured prominently on your design.

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Main Blog) > Design > Content. The content page displays.
  2. Be sure you have the Navigation Bar checked.
  3. Click on the Pencil icon on the right. A configuration pop-up displays showing the links you already have in your navbar.
  4. Enter the Title and URL of your microblog. Then click OK.
  5. Save Changes.
  6. View Blog.

Tah-dah! You're now linking to your microblog from your main blog.

You can also do this same process if you'd rather link to your microblog from your main blog's footer. Just use the Blog Footer module instead.

Add your most recent microblog updates to your sidebar

Account Levels: This feature is available to all Pro plans.

You can add the most recent items from any blog or feed to your sidebar. Here's how to add your microblog's feed to your main blog's sidebar.

  1. Go to Blogs > (Your Main Blog) > Design > Content. The content page displays.
  2. With Module Category set to All, select the Module called RSS/Atom Feed.
  3. Click Add this module. The Feed Module configuration pop-up displays.
  4. Enter the URL for your microblog's feed. It'll be something like this
  5. Then click OK.
  6. Save Changes.
  7. View Blog.

Chicka-pow! Your most recent microblog posts will now show up in your main blog's sidebar

You can also do this same process to show the most recent posts from your main blog on your microblog's sidebar.

A microblog is a fantastic way to supplement your longer posts on your main blog with a 'live notebook' of what's on your mind.


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