August 18, 2011

Creating a New Blog

The number of blogs you can create within your Typepad account will depend on the account level.

  • Micro: 1 blog
  • Basic: 2 blogs
  • Plus: 4 blogs
  • Unlimited: unlimited blogs
  • Premium: unlimited blogs
  • Enterprise: unlimited blogs

Once you have created the maximum number of blogs for your current plan, the Add a blog option will not be available. You can upgrade your account at Account > Billing Info > Upgrade/Downgrade Account to allow for more blogs.

On your Dashboard, you will see the Create a Blog link. It is located beneath your profile photo and name, just below your blog list. You can also select Add a Blog from the Blogs menu in the dashboard navigation bar.

Configure your new Typepad blog

Blog Name

Enter your Blog Name into the provided field. This is what you wish to call your blog. This name will appear on your blog (in your banner) and in recently updated directories if you choose to make your blog public.

When naming your blog, remember that a blog is often a reflection of its writer. You'll want to give your blog the type of name that captures who you are and what you're writing about. Blog writers often find their audience serendipitously; therefore, your blog name should be memorable and unique. Avoid names like "blog," "ramblings," or "writings." Such names will not stand out in directories or listings (if you so desire the traffic). Be succinct and let your personality shine. Nicknames often work well, as well as catch words from books, sayings, or quotes.


Your blog name can be changed at any time after creation by going to Settings > Basics. Changing the name of your blog will not change its URL or break any incoming links.

Blog Folder

This is what you want to name the file folder that will store everything for your blog.

While your primary blog can always be accessed at the root of your domain (ie:, any additional blogs will be accessed via this folder. For example, if my primary blog's folder name is "my_blog" and my domain is, then my primary blog can be accessed at any of the following URLs:

If you have additional blogs, each of them must be accessed by its folder name. For example:

When you type in the Blog Name, the blog folder name is automatically suggested. You can use this suggestion or type a different folder name. A short blog folder name will keep your blog URL short:


While it is possible to change the blog folder name after the blog has been created by going to Settings > Basics, this will break any incoming links to the old folder. Picking a good folder name when creating the blog works best.


This sets whether the blog is a public blog or not. Public blogs are indexed by search engines. Non-public blogs will not be indexed in search engines; however your site will remain accessible to anyone who knows the URL. To make your blog truly private, set up Password Protection.

This setting can be changed at any time after creating the blog by going to Settings > Basics and setting your blog publicity.

Click Create Blog. You will be sent to your Dashboard where you can see your new blog listed after it has been created.


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