January 06, 2014

Add Sidebar Image

The Sidebar Image Module makes it easy to upload an image with or without a caption to your blog's sidebar.

Upload Image

At Design > Content, select the Widgets category, choose the Add a Sidebar Image module, and click the "Add this module" button.

Add A Sidebar Image Module

Click the Upload Image button to open the Insert Image window. Click Browse or Choose File, locate the image on your computer, and click Open. Finally, click Insert Image.

The upload image option only works with a supported browser at this time. Internet Explorer versions 10 and newer will not allow for images to be uploaded. We recommend using the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 for best results.

  • An image wider than the column width will be resized to fit the sidebar.
  • Images smaller than the column width will remain the same size and be centered in the sidebar.

Sidebar Image Options

Label: The Label will appear in the Content only for reference and will not display on your blog. Choose a label that will make easy to identify the different sidebar modules when arranging content.

Optional Inputs

Optional Inputs

Caption: A caption will display below the image in the sidebar. Adding a caption is optional.

Target URL: Enter URL for the website the image will link. i.e. http://www.example.com/

  • Open original image in a pop-up. Clicking the sidebar image will open a pop-up window with the original image.
  • Open Target URL in a new tab/window. Clicking the sidebar image will open the Target URL in a new browser tab or window.
  • No link. Do not open a pop-up or tab/window. Select the no link option if you do not want the image to be a clickable link.

After configuring the widget, click OK, rearrange the module in the sidebar, and click Save Changes to add the image to the blog.

The Sidebar Image options can be changed anytime by going to Design > Content and clicking the Edit icon next to the module.

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