October 20, 2015

Ad Module - Beta

The Ad Module can be used to place content between the banner and blog container when you have created a responsive design using the Nimble Design Lab. You can use the module to place a horizontal advertisement, a custom message, image, or anything at the top of the blog.

This feature is in Beta and only available with Design Lab designs. Join the Typepad Beta team to check out all the new features at Account > Summary. Learn more.

Add and Configure the Ad Module

Browse to Design > Content, where you will see the Ad Module listed above the blog content. It will, by default, be disabled. Check the box to enable it for your blog.

Ad Module is Enabled
Ad Module is Enabled

Next, you'll need to open the configuration window to add your content to the module. Click the pencil icon to the right of the module and the window will appear.

Ad Module Configuration Window
Ad Module Configuration Window

In this window, paste in the advertising code you received from your ad provider. This can also be custom text, HTML, or similar, but those may require additional CSS tweaks depending on content.

Click OK to save your changes to the module. Click Save Changes to save to your blog.

Updated 12 November 2015

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