June 02, 2011

Accepting a Guest Author Invitation

When you are invited to post as an author or administrator on a blog, an email invitation is sent to you by the blog's owner. The email contains a unique link for you to follow that leads to the You've been invited to join a Typepad blog! page one the Typepad site. Here, you can accept or decline the invitation.

Existing Typepad Subscribers

If you're already a Typepad member and want to accept the invitation, enter your sign in information and click Sign In. If you do not want to accept the invitation, you can send an optional message to the blog owner and click Decline Invitation.

New Subscribers

If you are not an existing Typepad member and would like to accept the invitation, you can register for free guest access by clicking Register for Free.

After registering, you will then see the Accept Invitation button to accept the invite. After accepting, you will be forwarded automatically to your Typepad account. The blog that you were invited to, and are now an author on, will be listed. You will also receive a registration confirmation email message after signing up for Typepad.

To access Typepad from now on, log in with your email address and password at the Typepad homepage. We have additional information for authors in the Guest Author FAQ.

"You are already a member of this blog" error message

If you click the link in the email invitation and receive the You are already a member of this blog message, it indicates you are trying to accept an author invite while another session of Typepad - likely the owner of the blog - is currently active in your browser. Since you are attempting to accept a new invite for an author, you'll want to make sure you end all other sessions of Typepad by clicking the Sign Out link in the upper, right corner of the dashboard. Then, you'll be able to accept the invitation as a new author on the blog.

"The email address you entered is already in use" error message

The same email address cannot be used for multiple accounts. If you've signed up for Typepad previously, you may have used the same email address. You can sign in to your existing account to accept the invitation. If you have forgotten the password for the account, recover your Typepad password.

If you encounter problems when trying to accept a Guest Author invitation or are unable to log into your account, you can contact Typepad support here.


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