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Domain Mapping FAQ

What is the difference between Mapping, Masking, and Forwarding? Domain Mapping uses the CNAME (or canonical name) to map the domain to your blog. All of the page links in your blog will use the mapped domain, not the

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Domain Mapping Requirements for Third-Party Registrars

Domain registration is available directly through Typepad. By registering through Typepad, the mapping of your custom domain will be seamless, and you won't need to make any changes to the domain as Typepad will take care of the mapping process...

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Domain Registration and Mapping

Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name, like, to a Typepad site, blog, or photo album. Domain mapping is more than domain forwarding or masking, because visitors to your site will see the unique domain...

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What happens if I change the domain name, the folder name, or domain mapping?

A change to the domain name (i.e. for your Typepad account, a change to the blog's folder name, or a change of mapped domain settings will negatively impact your site in a majority of cases. Making changes to your...

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Domain Mapping: Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one domain registrar which supports editing the CNAME Record and can be used to map a domain to Typepad blogs. Updated 2 May 2014. Setting up Domain Mapping at Network Solutions Edit the Domain at Network Solutions...

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Domain Mapping: GoDaddy

If you have not purchased a domain to use with your blog, we recommend GoDaddy because it is one of the easier registrar services to use with Typepad. You can purchase your new domain at GoDaddy before getting started with...

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Domain Mapping: Yahoo!

Add the domain to your Typepad account In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click the Begin Here: Map a Domain Name button. Enter the Domain Name and choose to map the domain to a single blog/photo album...

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Domain Mapping: PairNIC

Updated 07 July 2014 To set up Domain Mapping with pairNIC, please follow these steps: Sign in to PairNIC at: Click Manage Domain Names. Click on the domain name. Click E-mail Forwarding, Web Site Forwarding, and Custom DNS. Read...

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Changing Your Domain

When you register a Typepad blog account, you select a URL in the form that will be used for any of the blogs you create. After registering, you may find you want to change your URL. We do not...

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Domain Mapping with Third-Party Registrar

Domain Mapping is the process of pointing a registered domain name, like, to a Typepad site, blog, or photo album. The mapping feature is available with the Plus and higher plans. If you have yet to register a domain...

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